Friday, October 23, 2009

Josh is Moving to Richmond Monday

Josh is scheduled to go to Richmond, Va on Monday, October the 26th. The hospital in Richmond specializes in spinal chord injuries. The doctors in Bethesda, Md and Richmond, Va have communicated via teleconferences.

The doctors have also explained to my parents that Joshua's spinal chord injury is incomplete. This means, there are nerves in his body that are sending signals to his brain. Pat said "His nerves need to wake up". Beginning Monday, the level of physcial therapy increases in Richmond.

Also on Monday, Josh has another swallow test. Trust me, Josh really wants to pass this one, it is difficult for him not to eat or drink anything. It is still difficult for him to have visitors. I am sorry for those that want to visit him at this time but it is overwhelming for him at this point. People are in and out of his room every 10 minutes. He has rejected alot of people's request to see him. It will be a long recovery process and he will want to see people in the future.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Quick Update

Josh failed the swallow test yesterday for the third time (this test determines whether he can eat or drink anything). He went into the operation room today to place the feeding tube back in him. The surgery went fine.

Pat communicated to me that his voice and cough are weaker compared to previous days. The Respirator Doctor is assessing the situation.

Josh will be moving to Richmond sometime this week. Richmond has a rehabilitation center. I am not sure on what facility.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Update

The orthopedic doctor performed surgery on Josh's wrist on Friday. This is the second surgery on Josh's wrist. He spent the night in the PACU (Post anesthesia care unit).

Yesterday, Josh was moved back to the surgical ward. He had a slight fever yesterday that was treated by Tylenol and ice packs. The doctors also took cultures to see if there was any infection from the wrist surgery. The medical staff took x-rays of Josh's chest (I believe it was to check and see the Thoracic spine).

Today, Josh's breathing is strengthening. He is performing breathing "exercises" hourly. His pain level has decreased from previous days.

He has been back and forth on accepting visitors. It is hard for him due to his state of vunerability and difficulty for him to have conversations.