Friday, November 6, 2009

Josh Passed the Swallow Test

Good news! Josh passed the swallow test today. The doctors are now deciding what he can eat. Josh is frequently dehydrated, so passing swallow test will alleviate that problem. Josh has also been talking about eating McDonalds ever since he was in Afghanistan. We are not sure when he will be able to eat McDonalds, but the time is certainly approaching.

There are a lot of positive things seen throughout the week, but there a couple issues that we can be praying about for Josh. They are his low blood pressure and trouble sleeping at night. The low blood pressure is a recent development.

Many new events have transpired this week. Josh had his first week of therapy. Josh took his first shower since May. He put on clothes for the first time. I even saw a picture of him playing Nintendo Wii in his bed (talk about living the dream). We hope that passing the swallow test is the first of many milestones on his road to recovery.