Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving was certainly different, but not bad. The cousins from Georgia and Alabama came up to see us. Josh was able to get in a wheelchair and enjoy a nice meal provided by Wal-Mart that was prepared by the Blue Star Mothers at the Fisher House.

Thanksgiving gave Josh a break from his Physical Therapy which is going well. Josh has experienced muscle atrophy in his legs and his arms. If you know Josh, then you know he likes to work out. Due to his hard work in therapy, his right arm is gaining a lot of muscle and he is frequently looking at his muscles in the mirror (some things never change). His left hand still has the external pins in it. The orthopedic surgeon expects to take the pins out sometime in January. The doctor said that if he didn’t have any cervical spine damage, then his left arm would be fully functional; however the cervical spine damage may affect the functionality in his hand. We are not sure at this point.

We do know that his abdominal muscles are improving. The therapists are impressed with the progress that he has made. Let us pray for continual improvement.