Monday, November 16, 2009

Josh Has a Wii!!

Contrary to prior information, Josh did not receive his purple heart today. The general that was suppose to give it to him, flew to Florida. There is no re-schedule date at this time.

I went to Richmond to be with Josh as he was suppose to receive his purple heart. So, I was able to spend some time with Josh today and his burning pains in his legs have subsided. The doctor and Justin (a friend of ours) both affirmed that this is normal and that it will be more tolerable in the future. He is also experiencing muscle spasms in his legs. This is because he is now starting to come out of spinal shock.

This was my first experience watching Josh receive therapy. The doctors first stretched out his arms and fingers. Next, another team of doctors worked with Josh to get his body to sit straight up and balance itself. I talked with Josh and he said that getting his neck brace off and being able to sit up straight are the next milestones. He is expected to have his neck brace removed in six weeks. The goal of all therapy is to regain as much functionality as possible

Even with the lack of functionality, he is enjoying the functionality that he does have. Josh wants give a shout out to Chi Zeta and friends who chipped in to buy him a Nintendo Wii, especially Quasi, Iceberg, and Justin who brought him the Wii. One of the practical ways that we can help Josh now is that he needs some clothes. He only has one pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt that my mom has to wash frequently. Because he is still an active duty marine, he needs clothes that identify him as a marine. It would be best to buy him sweatpants and t-shirts because they are easier to change in and out of. If you want to and can give Josh pants or t-shirts please e-mail me at We need a few pair of each but please e-mail me if you are going to give Josh clothes, because I don't want anyone to waste money or time on something that we don't need.